Workers Compensation Insurance

We’ll help make your workers comp insurance simpler.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

We’ll help you reduce risks, claims, and workers comp costs.

Workers comp insurance is a legal requirement as soon as you hire your first employee. While it creates compliance challenges for your business, workers comp also protects it from lawsuits and legal fines.

At Kelly Miller Insurance, we understand workers compensation requirements and we can make it easier for your company to comply with the law, protect your employees and your business, and keep your costs down.

What is workers compensation insurance?

Workers comp pays out benefits to employees and their families when those employees are injured or killed in work-related accidents. The purpose of workers comp is to protect businesses and employees from workplace liabilities.

Workers comp alone doesn’t cover every possible scenario, so we’ll make sure you also have employer’s liability insurance that provides protection if your company is sued over an event not covered by workers comp.

The cost of workers compensation insurance depends on a lot of factors – where your company is located, number of employees, industry risk, and your company’s claims history. We’re happy to answer your questions about workers comp and we’ll work with you to determine the best policy for your company.

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