Boat Insurance

Let’s avoid boatloads of trouble


Boat Insurance

Boating is about relaxing and having fun on the water. But do you have the right insurance coverage for your boat? Is insurance even required for your boat?

Although your state may not require boat insurance, it might be necessary if you’re boat is financed. And your marina may require insurance to use their facilities. In any case, boat insurance is a great idea. The right coverage can protect you in the case of collision, storm damage, running aground, vandalism, or theft.

So what kind of boat insurance should you have?

That all depends on the type of boat. Other insurance policies probably won’t cover your boat, so you need coverage that specifically protects you, your boat, and everything in it.

There are a few things to consider for your boat policy:

  • Does your boat need coverage when it’s being towed?
  • Do you operate your boat far from home?
  • Do you need coverage year-round?

At Kelly Miller Insurance, we can help you determine the best coverage for you and your boat.

Contact a Kelly Miller Insurance broker to get started.

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