Classic Car Insurance

Get your classic car insurance for less


Classic Car Insurance

Is your car a classic?

We love classic cars as much as you do. At Kelly Miller Insurance, classic cars are defined as “fun-to-drive” vehicles that are used primarily for pleasure and maintain or increase in value.

Like you, we give our classic cars extra care to keep them running smoothly and looking great. With classic car insurance coverage, you can choose to protect your classic with the proper coverage at a great price. The great news is that classic car rates are often lower than standard auto rates.

Enjoy your classic the way you want

With your classic car policy, you can take your classic to events and enjoy pleasure drives.

Replacement parts coverage

We know how important it is to find replacement parts for your classic vehicle. Your classic policy can include replacement parts coverage and our repair specialists will find OEM parts whenever possible – including those that are hard to find.

What if your classic car is a total loss?

When you request a classic car quote, we’ll discuss your classic’s value and agree on a total payout amount for it. If the worst happens, we’ll be there to get you the full amount of the payout.

Things to keep in mind…

Your classic should be kept in a garage or locked enclosure, driven occasionally, and maintained in good working condition. Want to know more? Send us a message.

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