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Protect Your Wood Deck From Wildfire

Flying embers can ignite a wood deck, potentially leading to a fire spreading to the home – but there are ways to reduce that risk.

Increase spacing between deck boards. In testing, when a flying ember ignited a deck, a space of 1/4 inch between deck boards slowed down the progress of the fire moving from the decking to the home.

Increase joist spacing under the deck. Testing has shown that spacing joists 24 inches apart under the deck can slow down fire growth.

Use foil-faced bitumen tape along the joists under the deck. Foil-faced bitumen tape along the length of joists limits the fuel source available to a fire.

For more information about protecting your wood deck from wildfire, download the Ember Ignited Decks fact sheet (82 KB) from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety.

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